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SPLITBOARD - how to choose?


Which SPLITBOARD (and bindings) from our offer to choose?

LENGTH: in the description of each splitboard there is a table with weight ranges for each length. The weights given are the weights of the rider himself. Therefore, if you plan to ride often with a heavier backpack, it is worth adding min. 5kg.

Models FOR HERNITRO Volta 145 | NITRO Squash 152 | CAPTIA Neo Slasher 151

Models FOR BIG GUYS and/or with BIG FEET :) NITRO Slash 3D 162 | NITRO Team 162 | JONES Hovercraft 160


Application of all SPLITBOARD models:

NITRO Nomad & NITRO Volta: universal, for everyone, in all conditions and all terrain, except extreme ones. Easy to ride & forgiving thanks to THE FLAT OUT ROCKER profile and DIRECTIONAL shape. Good for intermediate snowboard riders also.

NITRO Team SPLIT: the most snowboard-LIKE of all splitboards :) Splitboard which works just as well in freeride terrain as on a prepared, hard-packed,  slope. A great solution if you want/can have: only 1 board with you for a longer trip: for lift-skiing for splitboard trips. A splitboard based on a famous snowboard model - NITRO Team, with classic characteristics: DIRECTIONAL TWIN shape and CAMBER profile.

NITRO Squash: a precision splitboard for riders who already know how to get the best out of it! That is: turbo speed in carving turns, practically in all conditions, thanks to the PROGRESSIVE SIDECUT edges and the TRUE CAMBER profile. And a fabulous and comfortable ride in powder, especially on steep slopes and in the woods, thanks to the shortened tail of the SWALLOWTAIL board.

NITRO Slash 3D: this is a new dimension of the powder board thanks to the 3D SURF TECH technology - i.e. the convex bend of the front part of the board in the shape of a spoon, which, combined with the overall increased width of the board, gives a unique experience of riding in powder. In order for Slash 3D to be able to drive well also in conditions other than powder, the back of the board has been bent in the other direction, i.e. the middle part of the board is concave, creating a kind of tunnel between the edges. This solution results in a better pressure on the rear parts of the edge of the board in turns, and thus it "does not run away" and facilitates driving in deep snow.

CAPTIA Neo Slasher: the proven shape and profile of a freeride board packed with HIG-TECH CAPITA solutions. You don't want to mess with innovative models, but choose a classic top-shelf split that won't let you down under any conditions? Choose: Neo Slasher!

NITRO Doppelganger: A HIGH-END model that can help you in the most extreme conditions: both on the descent and on the ascent. The ultra-light core based on KOROYD/BALSa technology and HIKE PODS will facilitate even the most difficult ascents, while the DIAMOND laminate and SINTERED SPEED:HD base will provide advanced riders with an unprecedented downhill experience.

NITRO Vertical: TOP-OF-THE-LINE by NITRO. One of the lightest splits on the market!

JONES Hovercraft: The Legend...



UNION Charger
: very easy, fast and intuitive to use, pinless, composite bindings, which, with their total weight (including the interface), do not differ from the top, much more expensive, models on the splitboard market.

UNION Explorer: proven pin design. Bindings that give the feeling of riding and using the most similar to normal snowboard bindings.

NITRO x SPARK Vertical: bindings for users looking for professional, uncompromising solutions required to explore the most extreme terrain.